First Appointment

Dentistry is one of the last areas of health-care that prioritizes the patient-doctor relationship and allows it to span decades. We hope to see our patients mature from children to adults, from parents to grandparents.

We may be a little different than dentists you've had in the past. We believe achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and gums takes a long-term team effort — and that you're a very important part of that effort. That's why we begin every patient-doctor relationship with a mutual appreciation of one another's goals and objectives.

Your first appointment

Because every patient has unique needs, you'll begin your first appointment with a conversation with the doctor. After all, the only way for us to truly know you and your concerns is by talking with you.

During our conversation, we'll spend time gathering appropriate diagnostic information to accurately define your current state of health. Together, we'll begin a process of complete dental care that includes clear objectives and helpful timelines.

At subsequent appointments, we'll build a mutually established plan that'll work for you. Only after defining your current health reality will we move forward with any treatment.

Medical Forms

Dental History Dental History (654 KB)

Medical History Medical History (22 KB)